Understand your customers
with powerful insights

Data-rich customer profiles

Keep track of every customer status & interaction, enabling the right communication at the right time.

Know Your Customers

Get to know your customers, with contact information, order counts, value, demographics and much more

Customer Tracking

View customer carts and their status to monitor whether orders have been completed, abandoned or remain in progress

Session Monitoring

Monitor sessions – when customers have been to your website and which pages they visited

Email Monitoring


See what emails customers have received through Data Studio, and their actions

Social media monitoring

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View your social media performance to help you create posts that your audience want to see

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View total engagements from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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See your posts from multiple social platforms all in one place

Data Studio suggestions

As Data Studio gets to know you, you’ll get tailored, relevant suggestions for improving upsell, cross-sell, loyalty and retention and more. Plus automated analysis of your shop will keep you up to date, day to day, on the most receptive email campaign audiences.

Insights and actions, backed by data

Let's get the ball rolling.